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  • Arredoclassic has consolidated its presence all over the world, selling and distributing the classic style of its bedroom, dining room and living room collections as a tradition and philosophy. The Italian classic design furniture has always been considered a guarantee of elegance and fine furniture, and Arredoclassic combines its Italian style to high quality materials and best handcraft techniques. This requires flexible production, well thought-out marketing and the backup of a highly professional network. The production of Arredoclassic is entirely implemented in Italy, with premium and excellent materials, and making use of highly specialized personnel. Sophisticated carvings in solid wood, “zecchino” gold leaf, precious marble, hand-made decorations, sumptuous and exclusive fabrics are just some of the distinctive features that make Arredoclassic’s pieces of furniture unique and hard to imitate.




  • Fantasy is rivalled by skill in the living room design from this set. An enchanted place where warm white finishes enhance the glow of the silver decorations of the wall accessories and the Damask fabrics of the sofas. An ambience reminiscent of evocative scenery full of charm and which never ages like a dream itself.




  • 3-Seats Sofa (w/o Arms): W 167cm x D 90cm x H 108cm
  • 2-Seats Sofa (w/o Arms): W 127cm x D 90cm X H 106cm
  • ArmChair (w/o Arms): W 67cm x D 90cm X H 103cm
  • Corner Element: W 110cm x D 110cm x H 107cm
  • Set of Arms: W 34cm x D 81cm x H 86cm
  • Sofa (3-Seats): W 235cm x D 90cm x H 108cm
  • Loveseat (2-Seat): W 195cm x D 90cm X H 106cm
  • ArmChair (1-Seat): W 135cm x D 90cm X H 103cm
  • 3-Seats Sofa (w/ Bed): W 235cm x D 240cm x H 108cm
  • 2-Seats Sofa (w/ Bed): W 195cm x D 240cm X H 106cm
  • Coffee Table: W 80cm x D 140cm X H 56cm
  • End Table: W 70cm x D 70cm X H 66cm
  • Pouf: W 107cm x D 78cm X H 49cm







ES-7874 Classic Sofa Collection

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